Sunday, January 31, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

With the Super Bowl about a week away, I can't say that it's exactly Super Bowl Mania around here since we do not have TV.  We go to a Super Bowl party every year but the kids just run around like hooligans and so are pretty much oblivious to this great American tradition.  So in order to instill some true American spirit - we decided to make Super Bowl Bobbleheads.  Because, really, what shouts Super Bowl more than homemade bobbleheads?! 

We decided on the Colts, since that is their father's pick (I had to ask who was playing....) and after some googling to see what the Colt's uniform looks like, we followed the instructions from Family Fun

The craft was pretty simple and straight forward, although some of the bits were a little tricky for little hands.  The kids opted to paint the helmets (white styrofoam balls) instead of using tissue paper and a glue mixture to cover them.  After dilligently painting the helmets the perfect shade of blue, I happened to look at a picture of the uniform again, only to discover that the Colt's helmets are actually white with a blue stripe.  So all that painting turned out to be in vain but thank goodness for washable paint, because after much scrubbing at the kitchen sink by yours truly, the helmets were almost restored to their original glory. 

Other than that little hiccup, it went pretty smoothly and they were pleased with the end result.  After that, we headed to the kitchen to whip up some Super Bowl cupcakes (from Family Fun).  Since we didn't have any black liquorice for the helmets, I had to substitute using black strips of paper!  The boys didn't mind a bit, they are very used to all my shortcomings when it comes to crafting and baking and a whole lot of other things...they were just thrilled to have cupcakes for afternoon tea.  Boys are so easy to please!

Here are a few ideas for kid friendly football shaped snacks and yummies for next Sunday...

4.  Super Bowl Football Brownies - Betty Crocker
5.  Super Bowl Football Candies - Amazing Moms

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  1. those superbowl cupcakes are too cute! love their little football player faces ;)


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