Monday, February 1, 2010

The First Day of the Second Month of the New Decade...

Yesterday, when I started to write this post, it was titled: The last Day of the First Month of the New Decade – which sounded much more catchy. Anyhoo, since I started writing it just before midnight, I wasn’t able to finish it and so today demands a different title.

And now we are one month into the year and the brand new decade brings with it a fresh perspective. We are naturally moved to think in terms of a wider time frame - the next ten years – and life seems fresh with possibilities and hope.

Looking back, the last decade (for us) was about creating a family. The years when the children are young are so rich in love and joy, but they also require a tremendous amount of energy and patience…especially once the third child comes along…and especially if he is the type of child that shows absolutely no signs of caution or fear and will dive head first off a couch without a second thought, or could climb out of a pack n play before he turned one, or had mastered every milestone that took his older brother’s at least another year to master (except for walking and talking) before the age of one… So energy and patience (along with the love and joy that children always bring) was the name of the game for the 00 decade.

And now a bright, shiny new decade looms before us…and with the kids a little older, I’m hoping that it gives us (the Hubster and I) a bit more breathing room to enable us to follow our dreams. In the meantime, it looks like I have some tidying up to do ;)
Just like his Dad, it takes a whole lotta mess in order to cook up something good!

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