Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marshmallow Bunnies

A quick, fun Marshmallow Bunny treat...
and all you need is marshmallows, scissors, food pen!
(inspiration from Family Fun)

1. Marshmallow
2.  Cut with scissors just less than half way through marshmallow.
(horizontal cut as shown)
3. Make another cut to form ears.
(vertical cut as shown)
4. Gently push the body part of the marshmallow towards the ears to cover the gap made by the cut.
5. Add tail by cutting a new marshmallow into little squares and rolling into a ball shape.
(Attach to marshmallow bunny by the sticky part of the tail, or with a small amount of icing.)

(scuz terrible photography...kinda cracks me up...the more I looked at these photos, 
the more I started laughing hysterically (a trait I have inherited from my mother)
at the fact that I am actually posting these awful photographs...
but I have 4 kids and little time, and the kids have already eaten these treats! so NoCanDo on the re-photographing option...
but note to self...horizon lines!!!...and Take Photography Lessons ASAP!!! ;)



  1. OMGosh, those bunnies are adorable. I will surely make those next year Ÿ

  2. AWESOME! Hope you had a Happy Easter!



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