Monday, February 15, 2010

And the Last Valentine's Day post of 2010

I got some roses from BigP - the night before the actual day!  Very impressive - he got them early becasue he wanted to get me pink roses (my favs) but they only had red ones left.  Still very beautiful and I have since rearranged them in a much nicer fashion!!!

Our dinner of mini heart-shaped pizzas and a salad was a huge success.  I have the easiest pizza dough recipe -it takes about 5 minutes to make and the kids loved having their own little pizzas.  Needless to say, they were all devoured.  We just used ingredients we had in the kitchen - cheese, hotdog slices and pineapple for the kids (!) and cheese, pineapple and bacon for BigP and cheese and pineapple for me.  Very, very tasty.

For dessert, we went with the Toblerone chocolate pots (see previous posts for recipe link).  It is the easiest dessert on earth to make - it took 2 whole minutes plus cooling time in the fridge - and was out of this world delicious.  Very, very rich though.  (When I mentioned how rich they were to the boys, one of them replied:  "Thanks so much for making us such an expensive dessert, how much exactly did it cost?!")

Lastly, the boys going through their Valentine's Day stash from their classmates...they spent hours reading each note and made up all kinds of games and goodness knows what entertained them for so long, but any peace and quiet a mother can get, she will gladly accept...that is until the sugar buzz kicked in....

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  1. First, your kids are just about the cutest kids ever.
    Second, I laughed out loud at your comment you left on my post today...the Toblerone for breakfast...that was TOTALLY me...except replace with a Hershey's Symphony Bar. Or Kisses.
    I just knew I couldn't keep that up forever and be healthy...but it was a BAD habit!


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