Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letters to Santa

On the weekend the kids wrote their official Letters to Santa. Since I didn’t have any Christmas writing paper, and I had left it to the last minute, I designed a very simple template to print out for them to fill in.

I numbered the lines from 1 -12, purely for aesthetic reasons – not quite expecting that they would fill up all 12 lines within about 3 minutes flat!!! I guess this year they really know what they want.

While the older kids were busy, Bubs was sitting on his chair very messily feeding himself - and his bib - some yogurt.  At some point, he must have noticed that his brothers were writing up a storm, and he leaned over and was somehow able to grab an envelope and a pen that I thought were placed well beyond his reach, and he too, started writing up a storm.  The funny thing is that I only noticed what he was up to after taking some photos of the kids, and then deciding to snap one of him eating his yoghurt.  That's when I discovered that he was not about to be left out in the Letter Writing Department.  He was going to make sure that Santa knew exactly what he wanted...(...which of course is to keep up with his Big Brothers.....)

After they were all finished furiously jotting down their lists, they addressed and decorated red envelopes, stuffed their letters inside and we carefully placed them on top of the Christmas tree for magical overnight delivery to the North Pole. Unfortunately, though, they didn’t quite make it to the North Pole that night (let’s just say their parents are hopeless at remembering things like that, and don’t get me started on the stress that is involved with making sure that the Elf is in a different spot each night – that is the subject of another post entirely…)

The next morning, the kids managed to get over their disappointment that the Letters had not been delivered to Santa, after I spun a yarn about one child’s behavior needing to be Extra Specially Good before the Letters were whisked off to the North Pole to be sorted into the Naughty and Nice pile. So when they arrived home from school later in the day, they were excited to see that the Elf had moved to a different spot in their absence and was now perched at the top of the tree, holding the Letters in his arms. I explained that Elf would probably personally take the letters to Santa himself that night, which made them very happy once again.

I made up for the delay in delivery by ‘arranging’ for Santa to send them a personalized video via email (complements of Portable North Pole) to assure them that their letters had arrived at Santa’s Workshop and that they were all on Santa’s Good List. (And let’s just say, one child looked mighty relieved when he saw for himself that he was on Santa's Good List!!!)

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