Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas only 3 days away, I seem to have run out of time for arts and crafts...but here are some that caught my eye...

* Oops - I forgot to add the links...*
1.  Clothes Pin Doll Ornaments  - Martha Stewart
2.  Christmas Paper Doves Kit - Paper Source
3.  Picture Frame Ornaments - Martha Stewart
4.  Holiday Card Ornaments - Martha Stewart
5.  Click and Print Ornaments - Martha Stewart
6.  Tinsel Snowflakes - Martha Stewart
7.  Cookie Cutter Ornaments - Martha Stewart
8.  Paper Ornaments - Elles Studio

I loved this idea for Baby's 1st year. 

1. Christmas Keepsake Ornament from Better Home & Gardens
2. Time Capsule Ornament from Family Fun

Next year I will definitely make this really cute Family Photo Wreath from parents.com, especially since our family is spread out across the country and the world.

This afternoon I made a big batch of sugar cookie dough and tomorrow will see us baking and icing up a storm.  I wish I had these books for inspiration...maybe next year...
Kids in the Holiday Kitchen by Crate and Barrel
Cookie Craft Christmas available at amazon.com

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