Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mini Pot Pies

Last night I made chicken pot pies for the first time. I was very surprised at how easy they are to make. Well, maybe they were easy because I used store bought pastry. I was not about to get all Martha like and make my own pie crust. I know my limits when it comes to the kitchen, and there are many. So, I used a recipe from, slightly modified, of course, because I seem unable to follow any recipe to a tee, I am always adding ingredients, or leaving things out, either intentionally or completely unintentionally.

The process was a little time consuming, but that was probably my fault. It seems you are supposed to thaw the pie crust completely before using. The box stated: DO NOT MICROWAVE in capital letters. Since I had already made the filling and the oven was preheating and it was 6.45pm and I couldn’t wait 30 – 50 minutes for the pastry to defrost “naturally”, I decided to put it in the oven to help speed up the process. I do not recommend this method, though. The pastry got all gooey and broke apart when I tried to remove it from the oven and I had to roll it out again and it kept sticking everywhere and I had to use a lot of flour to get it to co-operate. However, I did manage to cut out pastry circles to line the bottom and sides of mini pie dishes (I used foil mini pie dishes, since I didn't have regular ones and they were on sale at the grocery store.)

Then I added the filling and topped it with another circle of pastry and instead of cutting slits, I cut out a smiley face. They turned out great, the kids loved them and my husband says that it is his new favorite dish!
At least I did something right, marrying a man who is easy to please…

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