Thursday, October 29, 2009

don't's almost HALLOWEEN

It’s hard to believe that we are in the last week of October already. October is such a beautiful month in the Rocky Mountains. The month starts with autumn in full swing, with the valley cloaked in all her Fall splendor and ablaze in the brightest oranges, yellows and reds. The mornings and evenings have a nip to them that warns of the coming winter, and yet the days are mostly sunny and the beauty of the colorful forests and snow capped mountains warms the soul. The days seem to get shorter quickly in October and we tend to put a tad more energy and effort into embracing them. Whether it’s going for an early evening walk, or taking the kids to the park - we want to get as much out of the last precious snow free days as possible, before we find ourselves knee deep in snow again. And then towards the end of the month, with the Apens and Cottonwoods and Mountain Maples mostly bare from the chilly October winds howling through the valley, we prepare for Halloween.

I think while Big P and I appreciate the month of October for the sheer beauty of it, the kids see it as the prelude to one of their favorite holidays - HALLOWEEN. The entire month of October, and probably a good chunk of September, is devoted to constant chatter about Trick or Treating and ghoulish costumes and lots of low whispers that they think I cannot hear, about what they would like to do if someone denied them candy and they indeed were allowed to "Trick".

Usually we have the house decorated around the beginning of the month – mostly spider webs strung across the mirror in the dining room and around the dining room light fixture, as well as some paper cut outs on the windows, and fun little bits and pieces here and there. Outside we hang skeletons and witches and ghosts from the trees. But this year I have been terribly disorganized and finally last weekend we got out the Halloween box and began to decorate. In the box we found our old Halloween CD - every year the kids play it constantly until the 31st and so Ghostbusters, Purple People Eater and Monster in the Tub and such are the soundtrack to Halloween in this Household.  JJ both loves and is terrified of Halloween simultaneously. He loves the CD but there are two tracks on it that he just cannot listen to and has to leave the room. Rocky, however takes it all in his stride and gives me a sarcastic smirk when his brother rushes out of the room. Bubs, on the other hand doesn’t pay too much attention to the music at all, since his attention is usually focused solely on implementing his important daily secret missions, of which there are many. Some of these include inserting puzzle pieces and crackers into the DVD with laser like precision and speed, or seeing how many DVD’s he can jam into the VCR slot before his mother comes flying across the room at him (he has a tendency to turn stone deaf while completing said missions). Or, grabbing a container full of his brother’s markers and writing on the walls with them. I must say, though, that although he writes on the walls, that is not his intention. A little while ago Big P and I taped a sheet of paper on the dining room wall so we could jot down some notes and goals (obviously, we still have “Buy a Corkboard” on our list of things to do), so the Bubs sees us writing on this paper on the wall, and simply wants to add his two cents.

Anyhow, I digress, with Halloween less than a week away, the kids are amping up for the Big Day. On Sunday we carved pumpkins, so at least we can tick that off the list. It was a cold and breezy fall afternoon and for some reason we decided to do our pumpkin carving outdoors. The boys drew their faces on the pumpkins and then quickly retreated inside, leaving Big P and I outside to carve the things. Oh, and of course, Bubs wasn’t about to go inside. He had not yet completed his in-depth inspection of every toy and structure on the property. I don’t know why we stayed outside to finish the job, but we sat out there freezing our butts off, while carving out the intricate designs. We did have a few good laughs while we were at it, however. I wanted my jack o lantern to look friendly and fun and Big P wanted his to look terrifyingly scary. Ironically, mine came out looking quite frightful and Big P’s looking quite happy. It was almost as if our personalities possessed us and came through on the pumpkins… hmmm.

With pumpkins carved and everyone back inside, the boys decided on their costumes. This year I swore I was going to make the kids chose costumes from their dress up bin in their bedroom, because buying food over costumes would be a wise choice right now, but I am such a sucker for home-made stuff and have always made their Halloween and birthday party costumes and accessories, so I guess I am off to buy some cheap fabric tomorrow to whip up some scary costumes…

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